Tristan Van Natta

Tristan Van Natta

1571Tristan Van Natta began trampoline and gymnastics at age two and was competing by age three. She did artistic gymnastics from ages 2-8 and has been in Trampoline and Tumbling for 11 years. She was on the TOP National team, the Jumpstart National Team, and is currently on the Jr. National Trampoline Team.

In May of 2007, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her skull. A team of Riley Neuro Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons spent 8 hours removing the tumor from the top and front of her skull. Bone was grafted from the top layer of the back of her skull, and 2 ribs were harvested to close the hole left by the tumor.

Tristan was released to train in March after a long break from trampoline and tumbling. Her Doctors have been amazed by her strength and determination through her recovery. She was out of the hospital in a week and training again in 7 months. She missed two full months of school, yet with her incredible work ethic, she returned to class fully caught up on all assignments. She also showed a maturity and character beyond her years in dealing with a situation that most adults around her had a hard time dealing with.

She competed in the 2009 US Elite Challenge on May 7th in Fort Smith Arkansas. She placed 12th on Trampoline and 3rd on double mini trampoline. Her performances qualified her to the 2009 Visa National Championships in Dallas, Texas in August where she placed 4th on double mini and earned a spot on the Junior National Team. She was also invited to the final selection event for the World Age Group Team.

Tristan is working hard to try to qualify to represent the United States at the World Age Group Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. She was formerly a member of the 2007 World Age Group Team and earned a Silver Medal for the U.S. Tristan is a member of the Flipside TnT Team and trains at Champion All Star Cheer off of 96th and Hague Road in Indianapolis, Ind.