The Team Approach: Managing College Athletics Recruiting

The Team Approach: Managing College Athletics Recruiting

By Tom Kovic

The team approach during the college athletics recruiting process is suggested to maximize efficiency and minimize individual pressure and stress as families navigate a potentially daunting effort. Forming a trustworthy group of individuals who play specific roles during the recruiting cycle will increase your chances of reaching pre-determined goals.

Suggested Team Players:

  • Prospect
  • Parents
  • HS coach
  • Club Coach
  • Guidance counselor/College advisor
  • Personal mentor/advisor

By selecting the team approach, the responsibility in effectively executing your recruiting plan is equally distributed to the area experts. All assignments should be clearly spelled out, and communication between team members should be often and consistent. This will help streamline the complete operation of the project and assist the family in avoiding any confusion that could contribute to unclear thinking, misdirection and potentially poor choices.


  • Financial aid/scholarships
  • Admissions
  • Development of target calendar
  • Research (schools, majors, athletic programs, rankings)
  • Video, website and profile development
  • Planned communication and contact log
  • Campus Visits
  • Standardized test preparation
  • Organizing communication “role play”
  • Researching college profiles and determining potential compatibility

If a family is well organized for college recruiting and with a detailed plan of action, they will be prepared to explain the “nuts and bolts” of the plan and clearly define individual assignments, area responsibilities and pre-determined deadlines for the team to meet in moving the recruiting process forward.

The Team Leader

Designate a team leader who basically “runs the offense” and who is responsible in maintaining consistent communication between team players and providing bi-weekly progress reports. Consider using an Excel organizational chart whereby the team leader can manage the list of “things to do” with relative ease. The team leader should forward regular progress reports that are simple, informational and easy to understand.

A “team” meeting is a great way to “launch” the initiative and an excellent first step in developing group cohesion. Schedule the meeting before the start of the sophomore year. Plan to meet at a location that is convenient for all team members to attend. If your team consists of players who live outside the region, schedule an online meeting.

The meeting should be highly organized and include a Power Point presentation that will create a seamless explanation of the complete recruiting process. The general plan should be broken down into specific responsibility areas, with the intention that each team player leaves the meeting with a clear understanding of and appreciation for their role in the process.

The college athletics recruiting process has become extremely competitive and the family who prepares proactively and carefully will have the better chance at success. Surrounding the prospect with a group of people who offer strength in designated areas of the process will only help lighten the workload for the family and increase efficiency in what is becoming an overwhelming task. Not only does the team approach offer a streamlined effort, it develops confidence, especially in the prospect, who realizes, appreciates and welcomes a caring group of people who have his/her best interests in mind.

Tom Kovic is the current director of Victory Collegiate Consulting, where he provides individual advisement for families on college recruiting. For further information visit:

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