The Prospective Student-Athlete: College Camps

The Prospective Student-Athlete: College Camps

By Tom Kovic

Summer is here, and for every prospective student-athlete that is attempting to match her talent with the right college program, opportunity approaches. Attending college camps is one such opportunity and maximizing this experience will position yourself well in college recruiting.

There are several tactics prospects, and families can carry out to increase visibility and awareness with college coaches. Whether you plan to attend college showcases or take several road trips to colleges and universities, you want to ensure your effort is measurable. This article focuses on attending specific college camps and utilizing this opportunity as a critical recruiting tool in the college quest.

On-campus sports camps are becoming more popular. Not only do college coaches reap the benefit of bringing talented student-athletes to the university, but they can also evaluate prospective student-athletes while offering a first-hand look at the campus through a “pseudo” unofficial visit.

Prospects can benefit from this on-campus experience as well. Since the event is held on-site, it provides candidates with direct access to the coach and with very few NCAA recruiting restrictions.

Not only can the prospective student-athlete take part in an exciting camp experience, but she can also form the foundation of what can potentially become a strong relationship with coaches and players.

Attending college camps gives the prospect tremendous laterality in maximizing NCAA contact rules and probing the coach about the program, philosophy and where he stands as a future team member. Creating a detailed and robust information base will only assist the prospect and family navigate the college quest with greater confidence.

Considering the college recruiting process has accelerated to the point where college coaches are committing to prospects during the early high school years, it will best serve families to step up their college effort sooner than later.

If the coaches have been tracking your progress, then attending their camp makes greater sense. Consider the following questions before you take the plunge:

  1. Have I introduced myself by e-mail to Coach and expressed my initial interest in the program?
  2. Has Coach had the opportunity to evaluate my talent as a student-athlete either on site (tournaments) or by video and personal profile?
  3. Have I connected directly with the coach by e-mail or phone to discuss his program and communicate my preliminary interest?

If you are considering attending a college camp, then get the best bang for your buck. If you are registering “high” on Coach’s radar and his institution ranks in your top tier of schools, attending a college camp is a wise choice.

Attend college camps with specific training goals and a clear game plan. Below is a short list of targets to consider: 1) drive your skill set and awareness as an athlete to a higher level, 2) Interact with the coaches and players and gain a greater appreciation for the institution and 3) Communicate your sincere interest in the program and walk away with sound feedback to where you currently stand as a prospective student-athlete.

College camps offer prospective student-athletes the chance to improve their skill to higher levels. It provides additional benefits that will likely cultivate stronger recruiting relationships with specific college coaches.

Continue to evaluate your current position in the college search, determine your course of action and close in on recruiting opportunities that are right in front of you.

Tom Kovic is a former Division I college coach and Founder/Principal of Victory Collegiate Consulting, where he advises prospects and families on college recruiting. For further information visit:

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