Talia Denis

Talia Denis


Talia is 12 years old (her birthday is on Feb 5th) and she will be competing as a level 9 gymnast this year (2013). She competes for World Class Gymnastics Academy in Latham, N.Y. The Gym owner is Erik Quaal who is also the NYS USA Gymnastics Chairperson. Talia spends approximately 22-24 hours per week in the gym. Talia absolutely believes that her music success is directly related to pursuing competitive gymnastics – the culture, the coaching and the camaraderie. Gymnastics is obviously a huge part of Talia’s life.

Talia is the youngest artist ever endorsed by Kawai Pianos international.

Talia has be fortunate to receive multiple other major music industry endorsements from Behringer, Cad Audio, BBE Sound, Gorilla Ears all of whom have never endorsed an artist this age.

Talia has captured the attention of many word class musicians such as members of Peter Gabriel’s band . As a result Talia found herself backstage at two different PG concerts, She has become personal friends with The B52s, Played has shows with Rusted Root and Sony Artist Jasmine Villegas, and has had musicians and producers play on her last record who were from bands such as Paul McCartney, Suzanne Vega, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Sarah McLachlan, to name some. Talia also headlined her own 16 stop tour with her band last Summer.

Talia has a new Album coming out around September 1, 2013. Her first song release will be “So Alive” and is due out around August 10th, 2013.

Talia not only tours with her own band but also headlines charity events as a solo artist

Talia also speaks at events such as Heals On Broadway where she not only performs but also speaks to girls about building self esteem and staying on course. Here is the link to the event that just happened about 10 days ago.

Talia recognizes that in today’s world, more than ever before she needs to act as a role model for other young people, Talia’s lyrical content and image show that one does not need provocative lyrics to make great music and to put on fun, exciting shows that move her audience.

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