Jeff Deardorff

David Benzel – founder of Growing Champions for Life – shares his podcasts here on  Each podcast is an interview with new people to get different perspectives on parenting a young athlete.

Jeff Deardorff

Scout for NY Yankees & former Pro Baseball Player

Jeff shares the story of his journey from Little League to Big League. It all started as a dream in Central Florida with a relationship with his dad that matured and evolved along the way.

Don Deluzio

Father of four athletes, plus legal guardian of five additional young athletes

Hear the fascinating true story of a family that made a loving commitment to nine athletes, and the lessons everyone learned in the process.

Derek Wolfe

High School Athletic Director, co-author of "Coaching Revolution"

In this interview Coach Wolfe shares his creative techniques for creating a positive learning environment for athletes. His years of experience have also helped him create a climate in which the communication between coaches, parents, and athletes is constructive and appropriate for teaching personal responsibility to our children.

Nancy Cummings

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and former Department Chair at Florida Southern College

Nancy discusses the tricky business of helping our kids recover from injuries in terms of both the time required and the mindset that is most beneficial.

Kristen Butler

Former Professional Women's Softball Player & All Star at University of Florida

Currently Head Coach of the University of Toledo Softball Program, Kristen shares her story of chasing a dream from the early years in youth softball to highest levels of her sport.

Suzanna Narducci

Co-Founder of

During their pre-teen years, children are becoming more and more aware of other influences, like peers and the media. As parents, we need to be prepared to help shepherd our children through the changes we can all expect in the tween years. So rather than have you spend precious time searching sites and publications for the scattered information related to this formidable parenting phase, Suzanna brings it to you! Some content is provided with links to other publications and some is original material brought to you by contributors. You’ll enjoy this interview with a mom who is dedicated to bringing parents important information to help you be the best Tween Parent you can be!

John Evert

Director of Coaching - Evert Tennis Academy

Interview with John Evert, Director of Coaching – Evert Tennis Academy.  Listen to this enlightening conversation with a member of a tennis legend family as John discusses the lessons he’s learned as a top player and now a coach of top junior players.

Dr. Rick Jensen

Sport Psychologist

Interview with Dr. Rick Jensen, Sport Psychologist and author of Drive to the Top. Dr. Jensen reveals the most common traps and best solutions for dealing with athletic fears, concentration issues, and parental performance pressures.

Andrew DeClercq

Former NBA Basketball Player

Interview with Andrew DeClercq – former NBA Center for the Orlando Magic. Andrew shares his story about pursuing the dream of playing in the NBA and the unique role his parents played in the journey.

David Benzel – Believe Passionately

On his book "From Chump to Champ" - Part 4

In this series of four interviews with author David Benzel you will learn how to teach your children a life achievement formula to achieve success in sports, school, relationships, and business. The four-step process works for children and adults in any endeavor.

In this segment David shares the Believe Passionately step, which is considered by many to be the most challenging step in the “good to great” journey Learn how this fourth phase can be used to insure that all obstacles are overcome in some way.