High School Gymnast Timeline for Pursuing a College Scholarship

High School Gymnast Timeline for Pursuing a College Scholarship

Compiled by Bobbie Cesarek, Ed.D. – President, National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches/Women

Freshman Year

  • Study, study, study! (Freshman through Senior Year)
  • Build your gymnastics skills resumes (Freshman through Senior Year)
  • Begin development of your gymnastics resume

Sophomore Year

  • Film your gymnastics practice sessions & competitions; post on U-Tube; update throughout the season
  • Review the list of institutions that sponsor collegiate gymnastics
  • Begin the conversation about school location/size/level of gymnastics program/ major degree, etc.
  • Send your YouTube link to selected college coaches (remember: coaches cannot respond to you until September 1st after your sophomore year)
  • Begin taking your unofficial visits to college campuses – those of interest and those for comparison

Junior Year

  • Take your initial ACT and/or SAT exams
  • NCAA Eligibility Center: register during the fall; submit your high school transcript at the end of the year
  • Update your YouTube videos throughout the season
  • Narrow and/or redefine your initially selected colleges upon receipt of materials from each institution
  • Initiate and/or maintain e-mail communication with selected college coaches
  • Continue taking unofficial visits to college campuses – especially to those that have shown a sincere interest in you
  • Carefully consider any verbal scholarship offers prior to making a verbal commitment to an institution

Senior Year

  • Retake your ACT and/or SAT exams if you would like to improve your test scores
  • Update your YouTube videos throughout the season
  • If you verbally accepted a scholarship during your junior year (congratulations!): Maintain contact with your new college coach; arrange to take an NCAA Official Visit (paid by the college) to your selected college
  • If you have not as yet accepted a scholarship: maintain contact with all college coaches who have shown an interest in you; take the NCAA maximum of five (5) Official Visits; be persistent!
  • Make sure your final high school transcript (with graduation date!) is sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center