Challenges with your local gymnastics school…

Challenges with your local gymnastics school…

Thousands of private gymnastics schools are operated throughout the United States, and the vast majority host happy parents and well-taught athletes. Unfortunately, some parents and/or their children are not satisfied with gymnastics school where they are enrolled.

USA Gymnastics, the National Governing body for the gymnastics in the United States develops and promotes the sport, establishes the rules and regulations for conduct of gymnastics competition, and sets guidelines for membership.

Each gymnastics school is a private business and the authority of USA Gymnastics does not extend to matters of private enterprise and/or how the school is managed or operated. This includes matters related to fees, competition, hours of business, or anything related to team placement.

If you have questions about the business practices of a private gymnastics facility, you might consider these steps:

  1. Contact the owner or director of the school to state your concerns and dissatisfaction. Be prepared for the conversation with examples and documentation relating to your complaint. The USA Gymnastics Club Membership Requirement and Safe Sport Policy are beneficial documents to use for reference.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the response, take your business elsewhere. If necessary and appropriate, file a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau or post a review on a business-rating site, such as Angie’s List.
  3. If you suspect or witness misconduct as described in the SafeSport Code or USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, please make a report at either USA Gymnastics or the U.S. Center for SafeSport. Misconduct can take on many forms, please familiarize yourself with the definitions and encourage your child to report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.
  4. If you suspect or witness any activities considered illegal, please reach out to your local law enforcement for guidance. While USA Gymnastics does not have the authority to intervene with private business, the organization does want to remain informed about criminal matters and would appreciate the opportunity to view written reports on all proceedings.

If you choose to attend an alternate club, go to to find a USA Gymnastics member club near you. Member Clubs have agreed to comply with Club Membership Requirement and the Safe Sport Policy. Gymnastics is a great sport for your child who will thrive in a school that promotes a safe environment for athletes with a healthy, welcoming environment.