My Kid Has Talent? So What, She’s Only 5!

Preschool/Recreational Articles

My Kid Has Talent? So What, She’s Only 5!

By Julie Cross, Recreational Gymnastics Program Director for the Champaign County YMCA

Wee Workouts

By Eleska Aubespin – Florida Today
You’re never too young to exercise. Yet, with a growing industry of gadgets and toys that can occupy baby’s time, parents might be missing that point.

Warming Up to Kids’ Fitness

By Samantha Critchell – Associated Press Writer
The importance of warming up before exercise. Even for children.

Get Moving, Baby!

By Hilary Shenfeld – Daily Herald Staff Writer
According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, babies, toddlers and preschoolers need to spend up to two hours every day in active pursuits.

Starting Gymnastics as a Preschooler

By Jeannie McCarthy
In general, a child will benefit by their involvement in gymnastics regardless of the age that they begin! The magic is that they experience challenges and new skills as they mature. A 3 year old student’s pride in being able to walk on a two foot high beam is as much a milestone as the 5 year old who learns a one-armed cartwheel.

Even Babies Need Exercise

By John Casey – WebMD Feature
Regular exercise causes the kind of development that may be critical for health in later life. Infancy and the toddler years are the time that the brain is developing pathways and connections to the muscles.