When One Door Closes: An Athlete’s Story of Perseverance

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When One Door Closes: An Athlete’s Story of Perseverance

By TrueSport
Aaron Scheidies, the seven-time Paratriathlon World Champion is a TrueSport Ambassador focused on helping the next generation of athletes develop resilience and persevere through challenges in life and sport. Here, he’s sharing a few important lessons he learned along the way.

Is there more to leadership than popularity?

By TrueSport
If you have ever volunteered or been elected captain of your team, you likely already know that leadership does not just mean being the most well-liked or popular person on the roster. Leadership, even if your primary job is simply moving your team through warmup drills, is about much more than if your teammates like you.

4 Gold-Nuggets That Will Improve Athletic Performance (PDF)

By David Benzel
As a parent of a young athlete, extra time is usually spent shuttling to and from practices and games — and of course cheering on your kid’s efforts.
We get it. And we’re here to help. Here are 4 gold nuggets from some must-reads in the athletic performance and mindset space – plus we’ll give you the real-life application.

4 Surprisingly Risky Substances for Competitive Athletes

By TrueSport
If your athlete is subject to a drug testing program or simply training regularly, it’s important to realize that some substances, including those in common prescription medications, present a risk of a positive anti-doping test and/or a possible health risk to young athletes.

The ABC’s of Balance for High School Athletes (PDF)

The school-sport-and-life balance can become a bit trickier as kids enter into the high school years. Challenges become even more evident once an athlete starts considering and applying to colleges. Suddenly, GPA’s, standardized tests, volunteer hours, and essays become an essential focus. It ends up making an already full schedule seem unbearable at times.

Long-term Motivation Requires Knowing Your Why (PDF)

By David Benzel
The concept of “Why” has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. So what does “knowing your why” have to do with young athletes participating in youth sports?

3 Positive Ways to Respond to a Performance Slump (PDF)

A performance slump is a tough space to travel through – for anyone involved. But as the coach YOU can make a difference in your athlete’s interpretation of what is
going on.

Best Tips for Navigating a Youth Sports Injury (PDF)

By David Benzel
Regrettably, injuries are often a part of the youth sports experience. And just like other aspects of participation, there are lessons to be learned and attitudes to embrace when faced with this kind of “bump-in-the-road.”

When Life Isn’t Fair, What Should We Teach Our Athletes? (PDF)

By David Benzel
Life is NOT always fair. And when we believe that life is fair, or that it should be, our expectations war against the reality.

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