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How to Cope with Too Much Pressure from Your Sport Circle

By TrueSport
It can sometimes feel like you’re under pressure in every aspect of your life, from your grades to your sport to your social life. And to some extent, pressure is a normal and even positive part of your life, pushing you to reach your potential. But there is a point where pressure can become negative, causing you to feel stressed out and anxious rather than motivated.

6 Reasons Performance Anxiety is Higher than Ever in Youth Sport

By TrueSport
Now more than ever, young athletes are feeling pressure: Pressure to perform in sport, to have a certain image on social media, to get good grades, to do extracurricular activities, and to get into a certain school on a scholarship. These pressures often lead to performance anxiety, which can decrease performance.

5 Surprising Things You Need to Know About Nutrition Buzzwords

By TrueSport
Walking through the aisles at the grocery store, you’re confronted with dozens of terms and phrases that are all trying to suggest that a certain food is healthier than another. Some are labeled clean, some are labeled paleo-friendly, some are labeled GMO-free or organic. But what do these nutritional buzzwords really mean, and why does it matter for you as the parent of a young athlete?

8 Easy Tips for Talking to Young Athletes About Physical Differences

By TrueSport
From a young age, it’s important that your athlete understands that not all kids are going to look the same or have the same abilities. This diversity can be tricky for very young athletes to grasp, but starting the conversation about physical differences early can help your athlete develop into a mature, caring individual.

Are You Leading DE&I Efforts on Your Team?

By TrueSport
If you’re reading this article, you likely want to start improving the diversity, equity, and inclusion on your team or at your school, but you’re simply not sure where to begin.