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9 Important Things to Know About Intuitive Eating for Young Athletes

You may have noticed the term ‘intuitive eating’ cropping up on blogs, websites, magazines, and podcasts lately. Maybe your young athlete even mentioned it as a nutritional approach they would like to try. While intuitive eating can be helpful for many people, it’s important to know that it has some limitations for the athletic population.

Do You Know the Latest Guidance on Protein for Sports Nutrition?

By TrueSport
You’ve probably heard how important protein is for athletes. But how much do you really need, when do you need it, and how is it actually helping you?

Myth Busters: Do Young Athletes Need B Vitamins to Support Performance?

By TrueSport
You may have heard about the importance of B vitamins for young people, especially athletes. But before you head to the store to buy a supplement for your athlete, let’s dig into a few of the nuances you should know about when it comes to vitamin B supplementation through food and other sources.

How to Support Underserved Communities through Access to Sport

By TrueSport
Access to sport should be a universal right for kids, but unfortunately, even school sports have issues with access that are dependent on socioeconomic status. From away games and high gear costs to simple access to practice areas in urban environments, there are a lot of hidden ways that sport becomes inaccessible to many aspiring athletes.

3 Fun Customizable Noodle Bowls to Satisfy and Fuel Any Athlete

By TrueSport
Noodle bowls are one of the most versatile options that busy parents can make to keep athletes well-fed and properly fueled—and most noodle bowls can be repurposed into leftovers for lunch or tweaked into entirely new meals for the next night!