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7 Ways Communities and Systems Can Support Mental Wellness for Student-Athletes

By TrueSport
Youth sport has many stakeholders, ranging from the athletes themselves to their caregivers, coaches, sports organizers, and communities. While all those roles come with their own challenges, the role of schools or communities in helping to develop healthy youth sports can be especially complex.

8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety and Promote Sleep with Nutrition

By TrueSport
If your athlete is struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep through the night, or is dealing with some mild feelings of anxiety, tweaking their nutrition habits can help.

How to Help Your Overwhelmed Athlete Set Realistic Goals

By TrueSport
Athletes today have more inputs and reasons for being overwhelmed than ever before. Even in youth sport, the demands on their time are plentiful: travel teams, school teams, tournaments, required time in the gym for strength training, expectations of extra coaching in the offseason, and often, year-round play. Then, there are school and other extracurricular demands on time, including part-time jobs for some.

6 Practical Ways Athletes Can Set Goals around Physical Wellness

By TrueSport
While it’s tempting to set all your goals for the season around specific athletic performances, goals that are oriented around wellness can make you both a stronger athlete and a healthier human.

5 Ways Caregivers and Coaches Can Support Mental Wellness for Student-Athletes

By TrueSport
As national statistics and stories continue to unveil, young athletes are in crisis in the U.S. right now, thanks in large part to a plethora of pressures placed on them.